What is Illinois Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is sold as an insurance product to employers. Most states require that employers with at least one employee obtain a valid workers compensation policy from a local insurer. Employees are typically the people who benefit from this type of disability insurance, but employers will also have protection from job-related lawsuits.

Who is Covered with Illinois Workers Compensation

Any Illinois employee who is injured or become ill on the job will be covered by Illinois workers compensation. There is no charge to an employee to receive compensation and they cannot sue their employer no matter who is at fault. Workers compensation will pay for all approved or valid medical bills. Employees injured on the job may also receive lost wages if they have extended medical leave.The process of disputing workers compensation claims is often complex and is not typically done by an employer unless fraud is suspected. One thing to keep in mind about workers compensation are various issues that could disqualify an employee from receiving compensation. The most obvious is when there is drug use or alcohol use involved. Employees will also be disqualified if an injury occurs because of a fight or a violation of an employee conduct policy. Injuries must occur on the job for coverage to apply.

Employers will pay for workers compensation insurance based on factors such as payroll. There will typically be a variety of different industries with various rates. This means that multiple businesses in the same type of industry will typically pay different rates. A business will also typically be subject to an audit of their coverage to ensure the proper amount of premium is being paid. The audit often involves a refund or an additional premium payment.

Considering an Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyer

Employees who are injured on the job will need to complete a claim form. This will be available from a supervisor of the human resources department. The details of the injury will need to be explained on the form before being sent to the insurance company. If an employee dies from an injury when on the job, then surviving dependents will receive a death benefit and an amount to cover funeral costs. If you live in Chicago and are in need of a lawyer for Workers Compensation, Contact Mitchell Sexner at his website here.