Relationship Counseling options for Couples

Most people that have been married a while run into rough patches on occasion. We all have our own personalities and sometimes we clash with our significant other. When this happens it may be time to consider visiting with a therapist in Dallas.

Over time relationships can take many turns, some are planned and others happen without notice. Some will be welcomed and others will be difficult to adjust to. Lee Kinsey lpc may be the perfect answer if you find yourself and your spouse in this circumstance.

Some of the more common issues that people stumble into when the are in relationships are:

  • money and how to spend it or whether there is enough. Whether it is running up credit cards, or making large purchases without consulting your significant other, this is one of the main reasons divorced couples site for splitting, so it must be addressed.
  • sex: which is usually due to one partner wanting more sex than the other or just a general drive to have sex and connect with each other. Both can kill a relationship and should be addressed in Dallas Couples Counseling sessions.
  • Time: Usually this involves one person who thinks they don’t get to spend enough time with the other person. Primarily this rotates around someone’s work schedule because they may be working long hours at their job. This can create loneliness and resentment with the other partner who is at home and feels ignored.
  • Different goals and interest: Frequently over time people change and their interest change to. But, if he is fishing all weekend and you are shopping this is going to create a wedge and cause the two people to drift apart over time. A couple who plays together, stays together.