Court Ordered Family Therapy – Will it Help?

famFamily Therapy in Plano is designed to help the entire family function better as a social support system. The purpose is to overcome illness, negative emotions and communication issues for individuals within the larger context of the family unit. The question then becomes, how effective is family therapy?

The answer is not black and white. Family therapy can have varying outcomes. These outcomes are largely dependent on the willingness of the participants. The therapy process requires the support and participation of all the family members to be effective. This includes family members who may be mentally ill or resistive to treatment. It can be a challenge for many families to secure cooperation of each individual.  This is particularly true if issues are complex and require extended therapy or if the family is separated.  This is why Cory Montfort lpc can be so much help in overcoming these issues.

Family therapy does have some excellent advantages. One of the most helpful outcomes is that the family will be taught coping skills for dealing with mental illness or opening and continuing effective listening skills and communication. This can also provide families with a support system that may have been lacking in the past. Past anger or resentment can be discussed and this can be a healthy and forgiving experience. Family relationships can be strengthened and improved through clear and effective communication. This communication can assist family members in viewing each other with more compassion so the unit is more supportive.

Family Therapy, with the cooperation of each individual in the family unit can be highly effective. Overcoming resistance or cost barriers to therapy may be difficult but can be well worth the effort considering the outcome.