Ecommerce for the home business

One of the great advantages of the internet is that it creates a level playing field for everyone. A small business or individual person can create and run a website just as easily as a large business. Online sales, commonly referred to as “eCommerce,” are an incredibly easy business to get into, and they increase the potential of a small home-based business greatly.

Starting an eCommerce site for a home-based business is not completely free, but it is incredibly cheap. There are a number of different ways it can be done, and it doesn’t cost much. The cost for startup of the actual business or product manufacturing depends greatly on what you are going to sell. There will be some costs that are different for every business, but the cost of starting and maintaining the website is fairly standardized. If you have some start-up money that you want to invest in your business, you can hire a web design company to create your website. However most people will want to create their site themselves to save money.

Site hosting will be your main cost, and it is the main recurring charge. Basic hosting plans start at just a few dollars per month form most providers. Nicer plans that include more storage or bandwidth or prebuilt websites will cost a little more. You should look at different plans and evaluate you needs to choose the best one.
There are many different software packages that can be used for eCommerce, but WordPress and OSCommerce are the most common. OSCommerce was written specifically for eCommerce. WordPress is a general blogging platform, but there are free plugins you can use to make it work of eCommerce. Either option is free to setup and use, and is doesn’t require any programming knowledge to install or use. This software is one of the key elements that make starting your own online home-based business so easy.

At the most basic level, all you need are a few dollars to get hosting, and you can setup and run an eCommerce store from your home. This is a great way to earn money and many people have built great businesses from small home-based eCommerce stores. This is nice because it is incredibly affordable, and you can use a variety of free internet tools to promote and grow your business.